Monday, January 25, 2010

Pacquiao - Clottey Tickets Sold Out

Monday, January 25, 2010

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MANILA, Philippines - They’re selling like hotcakes and Manny Pacquiao hasn’t placed his orders yet.

Tickets to the March 13 fight between the Filipino pound-for-pound champion and challenger Josh Clottey are out, and with still 50 days left before the big day, promoters might be forced to have a few thousands more printed.

According to, more than 20,000 tickets were sold in the first three hours of sales Saturday. Because of the size of the venue, tickets prices were slashed more than half of what they used to be for Pacquiao fights.

The Dallas Cowboys Stadium, a $1.3 billion wonder, can seat more than 100,000 fans for a football game. But for this fight, the men behind the fight have decided to block off the outer sections and limit the capacity to around 40,000.

Still, that’s more than twice as big as when Pacquiao fights in Las Vegas, whether it’s the MGM Grand or the Mandalay Bay, where ringside tickets are given a face value of $1,500. In Dallas, the choice seats will go for just $700.

manny pacquiao vs josh clottey livewatch manny pacquiao vs josh clotty onlineThe cheapest tickets for this WBO welterweight clash will go for $50, just the equivalent of dinner and good bottle of wine in a nice restaurant. In previous Pacquiao fights, fifty bucks can’t even get you past the entrance of the fight venue.

“Ross Greenburg (president of HBO Sports) and I are very gratified that the public has responded like they have, and we are happy for our partner (Cowboys owner) Jerry Jones,” Top Rank chief Bob Arum told Dan Rafael in New York Saturday.

Arum was at the Madison Square Garden for his own boxing card. He added that if the demand continues, then the stadium’s capacity can be increased. Pacquiao fights over the last two to three years were always sold out.

“It’s going to be quite a night. And Jerry isn’t just a one-event guy. If he sees this as a success you can be sure he’ll do more boxing in that great stadium,” added Arum.

By the time Pacquiao places his orders, promoters might just consider that because the 31-year-old punching machine, winner of his last 11 fights, is also known for his legendary generosity when it comes to giving away tickets.

For the Miguel Cotto fight last November, insiders said he spent more than $300,000 buying more than 800 tickets for family and friends. That’s more than two percent of his guaranteed purse. But he loves what he’s doing.

“It’s my way of thanking these people who continue to support me,” he’d often say.

source: yahoo news


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